After over 3 years finally a Guru Guys Site update!

Wow, it has been several years since I have updated the news section on The Guru Guys’ website. During that time I have still been receiving several emails a week asking questions about the old articles.

In the future weeks I plan on starting to update this news section regularly. Several of my articles (Vacuuming PC, for example) need updates as many readers have sent in new tips. I plan on being more of a consumer advocate for electronics as I still see people getting ripped off every day when shopping for technology related items. I may throw in some random articles that have nothing to do with technology as well, we’ll see as time permits.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me in the past though this website and to all my regular customers who have kept The Guru Guys thriving by leaving testimonials online or referring us to another customer!


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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Tuesday January 20, 2009
  • Under: news