Don't by HP refurbished or recertified products, they come full of dust!

Despite being hesitant to buy anything HP lately I saw a really good deal on a refurbished HP and recommended it to a customer of mine. I’ve bought factory refurbished equipment in the past and with computers it is likely a power supply or hard drive went out which are easily replaced but require the ‘refurbished’ label, otherwise there are not really many other things that can go wrong that wouldn’t show up in the shorter 90 day warranty. I have dealt with Epson, Brother, Onkyo and many other companies with refurbished equipment and have never had a problem… until now!

We opened the Factory Refurbished HP which came in a factory tape sealed box.

Box of Refurbished HP

I immediately noticed unlike most of the other factory refurbished products I have bought there was no ‘protection film’ covering the plastic on the case. Not big deal really but the other companies I have dealt with have usually repackaged their refurbished product as if they were new with the protective film covering plastic parts. When I went to plug in the cables I noticed there was a bit of dust in the power supply vents. There wasn’t a lot of dust in that area but thank goodness I saw it because I then grabbed my Metro DataVac Electric Duster, opened the case and found this:

The CPU heatsink was TOTALLY covered in dust! Also laying inside the case on the mainboard were large dustballs, and there was dust all over the power supply vents on the inside!

This is TOTALLY unacceptable. What kind of quality control does HP have in place? How can something this blatant slip through? I feel sorry for customers that order these computers and do not know to look for dust then after the 90 day warranty expires the dust causes the CPU fan to go out, or they have overheating problems due to the heatsink being blocked, or a static discharge from the dustballs zap the ram/mainboard, etc!

I’ve had it with HP. They are a HORRIBLE company these days and it will be a long time before I can recommend their products!

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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Sunday November 28, 2010
  • Under: Tech-Stories