Check the USB Mouse!

One of my recent jobs included problem solving a system which had the following very sporadically occuring symptoms:

Would stall on Bios screen.
Windows XP would blue screen after user login screen.
Computer would start fine in “fail safe mode” after changing bios settings.

After spending quite a bit of time problem solving everything from possible bad memory to reinstalling various versions of the mainboards USB drivers, it turned out that the problem was the user’s USB mouse, which was the only thing plugged into any USB port.

With the USB mouse unplugged the system booted fine. The second the mouse was plugged into the system, windows would blue screen. The mouse was then tested on another system to which it did the same thing to.

The onyl thing I can think is that there was a problem with the USB mouse cabling. Sometimes it would work with no problem, other times it cause these symptoms.

Regardless, its the first time I’ve come across a faulty mouse that caused this problem. Thought I’d put it out there in case anyone else experiences this.

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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Monday November 22, 2004
  • Under: Tech-Stories