Fry's/MicroCenter Specials

For those of you who like to get good deals, the only way to shop is to go for the loss leader specials. Loss leaders are items which stores sell at or below cost (*loss*) to draw in people to the store (*leaders*). Fry’s and Microcenter are by far the leaders in loss leaders (no pun intended) in Houston. Fry’s now has three locations: I-45 North @ West Road, I-45 South just south of Nasa Rd 1 and I-59 South just past 610 West. MicroCenter has one location located at I-160 and San Felipe.

Fry’s does not publish their specials online but they do put out ads in the newspaper daily. Fry’s usually cycles the same items on sale throughout the month. Because Fry’s changes their specials almost daily some folks have put up a web site that tracks the Fry’s ads. This is useful since you can go back and see previous ads which will give you a hint as to what will go back on sale throughout the next week or so.

Be sure to bookmark: Fry’s Advertisements Online.

Remember it is not an official Fry’s site, but the people that post the ads here are usually on target. This site is for all Fry’s across the U.S. so pay attention to the specials that are for a certain market only.

Also bookmark Microcenter’s ad page. They do post their ads online, however, they only publish the first and last page of their specials. Usually there are 4-6 more pages you are missing out on but aside from signing up for thier snail mail or going to the store and picking up the ad specials (there are always plenty available, unlike Fry’s who do not have copies of their ads for customers to take away) this is all you can do.

MicroCenter Advertised Specials

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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Saturday July 16, 2005
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