DO NOT BUY HP! HP TX1000, DV3000, DV6000, DV9000 wireless and graphics problems due to overheating and bad design!

I can officially state that I will not longer recommend an HP computer to my customers. I am a small one man repair business and in the past two years I have come across at least 15 customers that have had their wireless card and/or graphics card go out on their laptops due to HP’s flawed cooling design (EDIT: It has come to my attention with further research that the problem may be due to NVIDIAS graphics chip, still HP should do the right thing!). HP has done a recall on some of the units, and three of my customer’s units were covered under an extended warranty recall, but the other customers are just out of luck and HP fails to admit there is a problem. You can find literally hundreds and hundreds of people complaining about the problem. Here are a just a few links:

TX1000 on the news in Canada with heat problem

ZDnet covering the story

A video on how to fix the DV9000 problem yourself

One of many forums at hp support with people complaining about the issue

Folks, if you have this problem call HP, email HP, post everywhere. HP NEEDS TO RECALL all these. Tell them you have read all over the internet about people have the same problem. There will be many class action suits in the future so make sure you join them.

Do the RIGHT thing HP and recall these notebooks and extend the warranty, your reputation is at stake!

P.S. Don’t buy their printers either, their printer software is by far the worst in the industry and if something goes wrong it will take hours to fix, if it can be fixed at all. I’ve spent more time fixing a handful of HP printer software issues than all the printer issues I’ve ever fixed combined!

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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Tuesday September 7, 2010
  • Under: Tech-Advice