Recommended Website for Cheap Phone/Computer Accessories

For those of you looking for a good online source for products like phone batteries, chargers, ink, toner and other computer accessories I highly recommend They have been my main source for these types of products for the past few years. They always ship quick and the prices can not be beat (free shipping on almost everything).

Some examples: Palm Cell Phone Charger at Fry’s $14.99, $4.29 including shipping.
Brother 440CN 4-pack ink (off brand) at Fry’s $36.96, $19.99 including shipping!

If you can recommend similar online stores that have great prices and reputation please fire me off an email and Ill make a list.


Update: Also use for all your monitor cables, monitor mounts and stands. Their prices can’t be beat!

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  • Author: Brian
  • Posted on: Tuesday January 20, 2009
  • Under: Tech-Advice